How we target the catch, where we fish, makes all the difference.

As a matter of policy, we at the FV St. Jude have tested the mercury level in our catch several times — and continue to do so every time our boat returns to Seattle.  We are pleased to report that, to date, that these tests — conducted by the Food Quality Lab in Portland, Oregon — indicate non-detectable levels of mercury, based on equipment with a resolution of one tenth of a part per million, or .1 ppm. That is substantially less than the threshold of 1 ppm established by the Food and Drug Administration — and is well below the stricter guidelines of .2 to .3 ppm recommended by the Environmental Working Group and other consumer groups.

We’re not surprised by the positive results.  Head to our website, to read more about our testing and the results.

We will continue to post the results from our mercury tests here. Meanwhile, we urge everybody to join MoveOn.org’s push to get mercury out of the ocean.

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