Cooking demonstration

Chef Seth Caswell of Emmer&Rye in North Seattle will be at the Bellevue Farmers Market today, demonstrating how to cook a tuna loin from the FV St Jude, inspected by Captain Joe Malley.
Emmer&Rye is renown for its seasonally inspired, locally derived cuisine.  Seth is a frequent visitor to area farmer’s market:  “In Seattle, Caswell immersed himself in the local food community. As Executive Chef at the Stumbling Goat Bistro, Caswell became a regular at local farmers’ markets. He also regularly visited the farms, fisheries, and cheesemakers that he supported to understand exactly how and why our local food is produced the way it is. “
We’re happy that he selects tuna from the FV St. Jude.
When he’s not busy at the farmer’s markets and Emmer&Rye, you can also find Seth at the Chefs Collaborative, which advocates for sustainability in the greater food community, provides chefs with the tools necessary to make sustainable purchasing decisions, and connects chefs and sustainable food producers.
Here’s your chance to meet one of the great chef educators. See you at the Bellevue Farmers Market later today, 3 to 7 pm.
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