Tuna at a bakery?

When it comes to bakeries, tuna is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.

But tuna goes great with any artisan bread, from calamata olive to Yukon gold potato bread – and Grand Central Bakery is proud to serve St. Jude albacore, even as it opens with a new location in Burien on August 20.

“The bakery-café will offer the same menu items that have become so popular at its other locations including handmade pastries and desserts, daily soups, hot and cold sandwiches,” announces Suzuki + Chou Communimedia in their release on the new location.  “Whether it’s a fresh fruit Danish or a tuna melt made with St. Jude’s locally canned tuna, there’s something for everyone.”

Grand Central Bakery is a business that promotes sustainability. “The company, founded in 1989, has come to stand not only for quality breads and pastries but also for seasonally inspired café cuisine and a commitment to stewardship. Grand Central supports local producers.”

Grand Central Bakery


The Burien cafe-bakery opens Aug 20 and can be found at 626 SW 152nd St in Burien. To celebrate the Burien opening, Grand Central will donate a portion of the opening day’s proceeds to the Highline Area Food Bank and the Highline Schools Foundation for Excellence.

So go order a tuna melt and give to a good cause!

(Photo courtesy of 3268zauber and Wikimedia Commons)

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