Niçoise season

During the height of summer, the lazy last few days of August, nothing is better for dinner than a Salade Niçoise. And food editors offer their own take on this seasonal favorite.

Jill Wendholdt Silva of McClatchy Newspapers, Emiril Lagasse of the Food Channel, Brett Moore of,  Jamie Roraback of NBC Connecticut and Whole Foods each offer a version featuring grilled tuna, green beans (we prefer ours lightly grilled along with the tuna), hard-boiled eggs and fresh thyme – and all the other great ingredients of the traditional salad from France. Graham Elliot Bowles transforms the salad into a sandwich for the Chicago Sun-Times, while Food&Wine transforms it into canapes. Like the main ingredient, recipes for Tuna Niçoise are highly versatile!

Whole Foods carries St. Jude Tuna throughout the Pacific Northwest – and those who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest can always order direct from us.

Silva reminds her readers about shopping for tuna caught in a sustainable manner – and all fish landed by St. Jude are troll-caught, in a sustainable way to prevent bycatch of other species.

(Photo by Canterel, Wikimedia Commons)

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