Tuna cat

Trying to get a pet to take a pill can get some pet owners close to tearing their hair out.  Friends who own a particularly difficult cat in Maryland wrote to express gratitude for St. Jude tuna.

“After surgery to remove a tumor, our cat had to go on antibiotics for two weeks,” the owner explained. “Terrified after this visit to the vet, Bimp hid underneath our bed and hissed if anyone approached. ”

The only way they get the cat to take his medicine? Mixed with a bit of original St. Jude tuna.  Bimp, now 11 years old, is still going strong. And the cat’s favorite treat remains original St. Jude albacore – oil included.

Note from ASPCA: Occasional tuna treats are fine.  The bulk of any cat’s diet should not be tuna. Cats are not good fishermen!

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