Many of our fondest memories are linked with food.

Memory-making does not require”grand gestures,” explains Hsiao-Ching-Chou in her blog for Seattle Magazine.  Imagine the cooking adventures, gathering ingredients and preparation,  after foraging for wild mushrooms on mountain slopes not far from Seattle.

And in an eloquent essay for the Guardian, Nigel Slater suggests that his life story could be told in ice cream: “I am not the only one for whom many of life’s most intimate details come flooding back at the sight, smell and taste of particular foods. Everyone I speak to seems to have a favourite or, in some cases, a most hated dish with which they can recall particular moments of their lives.”

Sometimes, taste or smell trigger images of the past, and sometimes it’s the process of food-making, what we do with her hands.  Sometimes the memory is based on a once-in-a-lifetime event and other times it’s routine remembered, no longer part of our life.

“What keeps me motivated is not the food itself but all the bonds and memories the food represents,” notes chef Michael Chiarello of Bottega Restaurant in Napa Valley.

When people are thoughtful about food, I’m curious about their recipes.  And it’s not unusual for the great chefs to enjoy working with tuna. So,  check out Michael Chiarello’s recipe for Tuna Mousse or Grilled Tuna Tonnato, or seafood recipes from Nigel Slater. Or, create your own adventure by foraging for mushrooms to saute with herbs for your grilled tuna. Before foraging, check out these safety and storage tips from BBC.

And we look forward to you writing and sharing a favorite food memory.

(Photo from Tomomarusan and Wikimedia)

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