Sustainable restaurants

“Culinary students learn how to balance cost and conscience” is a great article by Leslie Cole for The Oregonian, one that provides tips for professional and amateur cooks everywhere.

Cole describes a student exercise: picking a favorite restaurant dish, estimating cost of ingredients by buying locally versus from a national distributor or an importer.  The students discover costs – let alone freshness and quality – can vary wildly.

“[T]he lesson for the students in Cory Schreiber’s Sustainable Purchasing and Controlling Costs class isn’t only that local sourcing costs more,” Cole astutely notes. “It’s that running a restaurant, especially for anyone who commits to sustainability, means being savvy about food costs, clever about waste and intentional about every decision.”

Incidentally, two of the three recipes included with the article are based on – albacore tuna!  And as you know, all of St. Jude tuna is sustainable troll-caught albacore.

Increasingly, the most discerning diners understand and search out  restaurants that rely on local ingredients. Local ingredients are fresh, healthy and sustainable.

Cole reports that 70 percent of diners are more likely to visit a restaurant offering local fare, according to the National Restaurant Association.  The industry association supports members practice sustainable ways, and indeed, it’s thrilling to see that the association has an entire section devoted to sustainability: “Planning for tomorrow today …”

It’s a motto everyone can live by. And Cole’s article is a must-read for every restaurant and diner who wants to enjoy great food.

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

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