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John Birdsall, food editor with SFWeekly, reviews a poached tuna salad from Darwin in San Francisco.

Can’t make it to San Francisco this weekend? Then click on this photo from SFWeekly, make the recipe and pretend!

Study the ingredients: poached albacore tuna, romaine lettuce, heirloom tomato, cucumber slices, crumbled hardboiled egg – with a drizzle of tonnato sauce. Using the right dressing (tonnato) and the right tuna (St. Jude Mediterranean) makes this salad sizzle.

Your poached tuna salad is best served on a deck at night – by candlelight.  And it’s the great kind of late summer meal that still leaves plenty of room for a classic SF dessert!

And here is a recipe for tonnato sauce from Gourmet and And tuna lovers know it doesn’t have to go on veal…)

(Photo of San Francisco at night,  courtesy of Andreas Gronski and Wikimedia Commons)

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