Buying the right thing

“Living the organic spirit means purchasing fish that don’t deplete endangered populations or harm habitats,” explains MaryJane Butters for the Salt Lake City Tribune. “It also means eating farmed fish that are raised in a clean and responsible fashion, and avoiding over-fished varieties. It takes a little know-how and a relationship with your fishmonger to make sure you buy fresh and healthy catches.”

For now, she lists albacore as a sensible purchases, safe for both the oceans and your family.

She advises for fish buyers to get to know their fishermen – and to run in another direction if the seller “doesn’t know where the fish came from or seems surprised that you’re asking.”

FV St. Jude tuna is only albacore tuna – and we can tell you where every one comes from. We meet many of our customers at farmers markets throughout the Seattle area – and we look forward to your questions by email, too.

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