Global fishing

Fishing is a global activity – and enforcing zones and limits is a challenge for governments.

YaleGlobal is a publication that explores globalization and fishing is a frequent topic. The theme is – focus on sustainability in all food selections, especially fish. Albacore remains a sustainable fishery.

Something Is Fishy:  “The 1992 Law of the Seas’ demarcation of the 200 miles exclusive economic zone has no value to poor nations who do not have the means to patrol their exclusive economic zone.”

Adieu, Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna? “Such rampant overfishing has been encouraged by a failure to limit access to blue fin tuna fisheries with a result of massive over-capacity in European and other fishing fleets in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic. The growth in fishing is, of course, driven by growing demand for variety with the affluent, health conscious population the world over embracing fish and Japanese sushi, in which Atlantic blue fin tuna is a prized item.”

Emptying the Oceans: “With huge fishing fleets subsidized by governments, ineffective or non-existent multi-lateral agreements to control overfishing, and rampant piracy, the world’s oceans are not merely overfished, they are being laid bare.”

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