General Tsao tuna?

China explores designing a program with Argentina to allow the commercial fishing of tuna, reports FIS, the global seafood report.

With more than a billion people and a rapidly growing middle class, China is the world’s top seafood consumer, followed by Japan and then the US.

China is the only country in the world where farmed seafood production exceeds wild catch, reports Canada’s Agri-Food Trade Service:

“China’s love affair with seafood is expected to show strong growth for the foreseeable future as the booming economy continues to raise living standards and more people join the middle class….

“Seafood, a sign of affluence, is a special beneficiary of this trend. China’s growing population of young and sophisticated consumers (located primarily in the major cities) is willing to purchase imported seafood products, in part for their status but also because imported seafood is believed to be of higher quality, coming from a cleaner environment. Younger consumers are willing to pay for the assurance of food safety. While the preference overall is still for live fish (based on the belief that if the fish is live, the quality is more evident), a growing number of young adults are busy and stressed out at work and looking for a quick fix for dinner. This means more Chinese are eating out and shopping for semi-prepared convenience products in supermarkets.”

China is the world’s biggest importer of seafood products.

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