Waste not, want not

Diners around the globe must carefully consider their food selections, and make sustainable choices.

This is especially true of tuna and other seafood. Choose species that are not endangered. Albacore, the only tuna fished by F/V St. Jude, is not on the Seafood Watch list. And, as this article from Crosscut suggests, be sure to eat the entire fish.

“Perhaps the most overlooked and the most delicious part of that fish is the collar, a popular dish in Japan,” explains Hugo Kugiya. “The collar is a horseshoe of bone, fat, and flesh just below the gills that separates the head from the prized fillet. The collar is often the part a fishmonger throws away with the tail, the head, and innards. But some consider the meat contained in the collar to be the most delicious and unique part of the tuna.”

Food should never be wasted. With that, all of us from F/V St. Jude wish you a happy, healthy and sustainable Thanksgiving!

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