Little fish that can

Discerning shoppers increasingly appreciate the differences in tuna caught by net or trawl versus hook and line. Sara Dickerman of The Wall Street Journal praises the great “little fish,” caught by hook and line, then immediately processed.

In general, she singles out canned albacore tuna: “The best tasting fish has been hand-filleted and processed shortly after being caught. You’ll see big pieces of fish lined up exactingly, not a mishmash of flakes.”

She advises readers to avoid tuna caught by huge factory trawlers or longliners – and instead “look for words like ‘hook and line,’ ‘troll and pole’ or ‘troll-caught’ on the can.”

And check out what’s outside and inside our cans. As our fans know, every St. Jude can carries the label “US TROLL CAUGHT,” with the little gold hook. And inside every can is what Sara describes – the solid chunk of tuna!

Note: We’ll be adding an update on this soon – “hook and line” is used by the longline industry, which has a large and unsustainable bycatch of large predators.  To be safe, look for the word “troll.”

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