Healthy fats!

It’s hard to believe that some fats are actually healthy for the human body.  In fact, fat is essential for our brains to operate at their highest levels. Our brains control our moods. Fortunately, tuna contains a healthy form of fat.

Dr. Susan Kleiner, co-author of  the “Good Mood Diet,” offers the following advice in Fitbie article by Holly C. Corbett, “6 Food Mistakes Even Healthy Eaters Make.”

In the article and very first tip, Dr. Kleiner specifically recommends St. Jude tuna for a healthy dose of fat:    

Food Fix: To fatten up your diet the healthy way, try adding a side to your meal of steamed spinach, broccoli, or other veggies, (we like the Birds Eye Steamfresh bags) drizzled with olive oil or tossed with sliced almonds. Another option: Mix low-mercury canned tuna, such as Fishing Vessel St. Jude, with greens and 2 Tbsp reduced-fat olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.”

Her other tips are great, too, and a necessary reminder for this hectic time of year!

The Good Mood Diet is available on Amazon.

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