Ocean Wise

The Vancouver Sun offers great recipes, including one from Rob Feenie in Ocean Wise Cookbook – with albacore and loads of other fresh and tangy ingredients.

Tuna Tataki with Green Papaya Slaw requires  soy sauce and lemon juice, carrot, papaya, orange, papaya, avocado – a mix of wonderful flavors that evoke the South Pacific. “I consider sweet-and-sour the yin and yang of cooking,” Feenie notes.

The Ocean Wise Cookbook: Seafood Recipes That Are Good for the Planet was published in November, a collection of popular seafood recipes from around Canada – and the book’s website also includes helpful videos on preparing specific fish. The cookbook is a project of the Vancouver Aquarium, dedicated to promoting conservation of aquatic life through education, research, and direct action. “No matter what kind of seafood you need for a recipe, you can help sustain our oceans and the environment by making positive choices,” the aquarium notes.

And albacore is one of those positive choices.

It’s logical: Albacore is Ocean Wise.  St. Jude is albacore. St. Jude is Ocean Wise!

(Photo courtesy of Vancouver Aquarium)

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