Fishing mystery

Fishing communities have plenty of intrigue, and that’s the case with the fictional town of Devil’s Harbor and The Big Grabowski by Carolyn J. Rose and Mike Nettleton. The stunning and rough Oregon coast sets the tone for the mystery book. Here’s an excerpt: 

“We’re almost home, Molly.”

I nodded and waved to my father as the Helen rounded a rocky spit on the north side of Purgatory Bay . Devil’s Harbor lay before us, spread along the lava shelf spewed by an ancient volcano, weathered buildings looking like they’d been cast up by a storm tide. Beyond was a jagged oozing wound slicing across the ridge Vince Grabowski had leveled to build an up-scale development. Pounding winter rains arrived weeks ahead of schedule and six luxury homes had mud-surfed onto his newly turfed golf course.

“Progress.” I shook my head as the Helen plowed toward the narrow curving channel leading to a tiny pocket in the lava.

“Smell that air,” Dad ordered. “Nothing like it anywhere else on earth.”

I waved again, but didn’t answer. I longed for Albuquerque and the action of a daily newspaper. Now I hammered out fluff for a paper I delivered myself. Reporting for The North Coast Flotsam beat shucking oysters. Barely.

My father bent to check the depth gauge. His crew-cut white hair was too short for the wind to riffle, his skin too mottled by years of hard weather for the sun to do more damage. With the tide nearly full and a strong wind from the south, this was like threading a needle while wearing mittens. Gulls circled the bow screeching, their black eyes checking for signs we had a catch on board. Forget it, this is a training mission. Besides, commercial fishing had nearly petered out a few years back. That’s why Dad now cruised the coast searching for a puff of vapor or the flip of a fluke.

He muttered an obscenity-laden invective against the channel, the Pacific Ocean, and the wind. The Helen rocked and bucked, then shot forward.

The book is available on Amazon.

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  1. Thanks for allowing The Big Grabowski to go to sea.

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