Chiquita means banana

Emmer and Rye

Emmer and Rye: Tuna Sunchokes Beets

And St. Jude means albacore.

For restaurants and (their suppliers), the name’s the thing, suggests

Seattle writer Ronald Holden blogs at “Our Puget Sound locavore movement is beginning to catch on. Take, for example, a 95-foot tuna boat owned by Joe Malley and his family, the FV St. Jude. Just one boat, but it’s got its own website, (what a great name!), a year-round presence at Seattle farmers markets, and a terrific story for these times: a low-mercury, sustainable troll fishery, both fresh and canned.”

Ronald goes on to talk about Seth Caswell, restaurateur who’s an early adopter of St. Jude Tuna.  Seth has recently launched his new restaurant Emmer and Rye on top of Queen Anne Hill –  “seasonally inspired, locally derived.” Seth meticulously sources his ingredients for Emmer and Rye, and this includes St. Jude Tuna.

Photo of Tuna Sunchokes Beets by Emmer and Rye

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