Method madness

Awareness is growing throughout Great Britain on making sustainable seafood choices that will keep our oceans thriving and healthy for the next century.  The Ecologist offers 10 ways to eat fish sustainably with advice from Katharine Helmore.

Helmore urges her readers to check labels; choose fish wisely and check Marine Conservation Society recommendations for sustainable choices;  to purchase local, seasonal fish; and to “opt for line or poll caught albacore.” The society, based in the UK, offers chefs, diners and others advice on which fish is sustainable. As expected, Albacore in the North Atlantic are currently overfished, and the fishery is currently considered unsustainable. Instead, the society recommends Pacific albacore.

All St Jude tuna is Pacific albacore.

To go one better, be sure to insist on “troll-caught” – as we’ve urged before with discussions on fishing methods. Avoid long-line products, which also produce waste, hooking untargeted species with miles of line.

Consumers are catching on – all fishing methods are not the same!

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