Crostini app

“App” for us is appetizer, and crostini is one applicable for any time of year.

Sheila Mesulam of Naple News offers a great recipe and video for making tomato, avocado and goat-cheese crostini from Bobbie Thompson.  The ingredients include baguette, garlic, olive oil, avocado, goat cheese, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil… Now imagine adding some  St. Jude smoked tuna for extra flavor.

Just like programmers who play with code for apps, we like to tinker with our recipes.

We’re not alone. Thompson adds twists to her recipes, as Mesulam explains: “Thompson always prepared gourmet meals with fresh local produce but fell in love with making desserts, she says.”  In fact, desserts are her forte. Thompson is the author of “Bobbie’s Best Desserts.”

Photo courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture and Wikimedia Commons

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