Take a tin…

Heaven for us – a cookbook entirely devoted to tuna!   Joie Warner’s Take a Tin of Tuna: 65 Inspired Recipes for Every Meal of the Day was published in June 2004, but stands the test of time, remaining popular with a high rank on Amazon.

“Tuna sandwiches and casseroles are staples of American cooking, but, declares Warner, the canned version of the country’s ‘favorite fish’ is much more versatile than many of us realize,” notes the Publishers Weekly review. “The trick, Warner explains, is pairing good-quality canned tuna with fresh, flavorful ingredients. With color photos, well-rounded introductions to each recipe and simple instructions, this concept cookbook will appeal to cooks of all experience levels.”

The trick – good quality canned tuna, and St Jude albacore covers that requirement.

“Joie was a pioneer of the single-subject cookbook and her keep-it-simple approach helped set the standard for today’s minimalist-style of recipe writing. Her breezy, no-fuss formulas, using fresh, and as few ingredients as possible, proved that food didn’t have to be complex to be sophisticated and delicious.”

So true … and we only hope that she comes up with a sequel – 365 Inspired Tuna Recipes for Every Meal of the Day. Joie Warner’s book is available on Amazon.

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