Local is hot

Locally sourced seasonal ingredients continue to be the hot new trend for restaurants, as noted by Christine Lyon for the Burnaby NewsLeader. Reading her article is a mouthwatering experience, as she describes the rich, fresh tastes of local beets, apples, mushrooms, cheeses, wines and much, much more.

The photo features the head chef, Dan Craig, at Ebo Restaurant, displaying a rice-crusted albacore tuna steak with avocado puree.  Hungry? Well, this is an article about restaurants, not recipes. So the easiest solution is heading to Ebo in nearby Burnaby.

Or, if you’re one of our readers from afar – you can explore recipes online for inspiration, adapting any for St. Jude albacore – there’s the Rice-Crusted Hake Fillet, Rice-Crusted Tuna Pie, or Vivek Singh’s Rice-Crusted Sea Bream with Kerala Curry Sauce. Enjoy!

Photo of Burnaby Mountain fog by Orlandkurtenbach and Wikimedia Commons

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