It’s no joke …

Writing for the New York Times, William Yardley describes the “first episode of “Portlandia,” a new television show that pokes at this Northwest confection’s urban preciousness, [it] includes a scene in which a couple at a restaurant interrogates a waitress about the quality of the life lived by a chicken they hope to order.  The couple soon learns that the bird was raised locally on sheep’s milk, soy and hazelnuts, and that it had a name, Colin.”

In the end, after a visit to the farm and an encounter with a cult-like group, the couple orders a tuna sandwich. (Or, we heard tuna-salmon, whatever that is … )

Yes, Northwest diners care this much about their food…. we can attest to that.  Portlandia is a new television series on IFC 10:30 pm Fridays, starting Jan 21.

Photo of Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square courtesy of Eric Guinther and Wikimedia Commons.

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