Social business

“All size businesses have taken the polar bear plunge into what felt like an alien way of communicating with their customers.,” writes, based in Seattle. And yes, we have tiptoed into the blogging and social-media arena, and along the way have not changed our product or mission. As Lyndi Thompson advises, we strive to be “less like a brand and more like a human” and sustain lasting relationships with our customers.

We try to follow Lyndi’s other tips as well with this blog – taking time and offering accurate research, aiming for creativity,  working as  team, listening to our customers, maintaining a consistent message on albacore tuna, while nurturing our online and in-person relationships. We hope this blog is as friendly as our conversations at the nearby farmers markets.  Business should always be a social affair!

Keep in touch, keep sending your recipes or questions on tuna – and let us know how we’re doing. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo of Ballard farmers market courtesy of HMPinnsvinet and Wikimedia Commons

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