Ranking tuna

“Greenpeace Canada says a survey of 14 major tuna fish brands sold in the country suggests most of them come from destructive fishery practices,” reports the Canadian Press. Increasingly, consumers reject tuna by companies that use methods that lead to a lot of waste and bycatch. “Greenpeace said tuna stocks are on the decline and are plagued by overfishing and harvesting techniques that threaten other marine life, including turtles, sharks and sea birds. The organization said it wants supermarket chains and canned fish brands to provide tuna from sustainable sources and avoid illegal and destructive fisheries.”

St Jude tuna was not included among these rankings. But we can assure that trolling is the most selective method for collecting albacore tuna.  Click here to read what we’ve written about methods in recent weeks.

Get to know your seafood provider, and ask questions about the methods used to catch your dinner!  We do not want to catch any of our feathered or other friends.

Photo of sea bird in Breskens, courtesy of Metalheart and Wikimedia Commons.

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