Tuna, bacon, salad – is that a recipe for oxymoron? You decide…

Here’s another salad from Better Homes and Gardens that relies on the three ingredients.  Once again, the bacon is fried and the tuna steaks are sauteed in the bacon fat; add hardboiled eggs and spinach –  and a dressing with vinegar, honey and mustard.

In hunting down your ingredients, be sure to use troll-caught tuna, like F/V St. Jude tuna, and bacon from humane farms.  Check the Certified Human Program to find the nearest farm to you. And check out activities of the Humane Farming Association to battle factory farming.

Like dogs, pigs are very clever and also loyal. “Both pigs and dogs are quite smart, says Brenda Coe, adjunct assistant professor of animal science,” writes Lisa Duchene for ResearchPennState. “But ‘intelligence’ in animals is typically defined in a limited way, as the ability to learn what people try to teach them.”

She continues: “There is no such thing as an animal IQ or other standard measure for animal intelligence that would allow a straight comparison. ‘You can compare two pigs or compare two dogs, but you can’t compare species to species,’ says Coe.”

Consumers ultimate control how farm animals are treated. “The goal of the program is to improve the lives of farm animals by driving consumer demand for kinder and more responsible farm animal practices,” notes the Certified Human Program website.

Humane food is healthier food.

Photo by Renee Comet for the National Cancer Institute in 1994,  courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. (A little bit of bacon can’t hurt too much…)

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