More than interesting

Damaris Santis-Palmer hasn’t tasted St Jude tuna. She writes for the Santa Cruz Sentinel that “Canned tuna is interesting” and then suggests that “a bite of plain canned tuna” is “similar to biting into an unripe persimmon.” No, she couldn’t have possibly tasted canned tuna that’s sustainable, troll-caught tuna, flash frozen and readied for canning on-board deck.

Anyhow, she developed a new tuna melt recipe that’s worth a try. The ingredients: baguettes, spinach dip, canned tuna, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, olive oil. We have to give the Swiss cheese some thought … but then we’re biased.

She developed the recipe after reading someone else describing their plans for dinner that evening – on Facebook! And yes, we agree with Damaris, we get cravings reading about others’ great meals on Facebook.

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