Go organic!

Advocates of organic farming are so enthusiastic, they welcome all ages to their fields and barns to learn the craft.

“Along with Combat Boots to Cowboy Boots, a new program for veterans at the University of Nebraska’s College of Technical Agriculture, and farming fellowships for wounded soldiers, the six-week course offered here is part of a nascent ‘veteran-centric’ farming movement,”  writes Patricia Leigh Brown for the New York Times.

“Its goal is to bring the energy of young soldiers re-entering civilian life to the aging farm population of rural America. Half of all farmers are likely to retire in the next decade, according to the Agriculture Department.”

And organic farming offers a wealth of internships and apprenticeships – the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service is a project of the National Center for Appropriate Technology.

“In a world focused on technology and getting ahead at all costs, it might be time to look at life in a different way and focus on what’s really important,” notes Backdoorjobs.com, which also offers a list of opportunities for sustainable living and farming. The life “is for those who want to transform their world into something completely different – learning to become more self-reliant, connecting with the earth, integrating skills from the ‘good old days’ that many of us take for granted, and leading a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle.”

Photo courtesy of Christine Westerback, geograph.org.uk and Wikimedia Commons.

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