Spring is nearly here – and it’s time to get in shape. Adding tuna and fresh fruit to your menu can help.

In “Citrus gone wild,” we talked about mixing tuna and grapefruit and here are a few more great recipes. Just remember, with tuna, a bit of grapefruit goes a long way …

Seared tuna with grapefruit-orange relish from Deseret News and Better Homes and Gardens’ Dinnertime Express: The relish includes sherry vinegar, soy sauce, fresh ginger, olive oil, grapefruit, orange, red onion, fresh cilantro.

Even easier, from the Spice Must Flow, is roasted tuna with grapefruit:  Mix a tiny bit grated grapefruit peel, shallots and tarragon in small boil with bit of olive oil. Heat oven to 50 degrees, sprinkle tuna steaks with salt and pepper and cover with grapefruit mixture. Roast for 5 min, then cover with slices of grapefruit and cook 5 min longer.  The secret: ultra-thin slices. A similar tuna-grapefruit-tarragon recipe is offered by Bon Appetite and Epicurious.com.

And then there’s the delicious fennel, celery, grapefruit, and goat-cheese salad from the Piedmont Restaurant in delightful Durham.  Some flakes of St. Jude tuna could supplement or replace the goat cheese.

Then there’s Grilled tuna with pink grapefruit and avocado Relish from FoodFit.com – mixing grapefruit, avocado with jalapeno, cilantro, lime and olive oil.

Photo courtesy of John Steven Fernandez and Wikimedia Commons.

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