Large predator fish – like Atlantic blue-fin tuna, swordfish or sharks – are overfished. Populations of sardines and anchovies are exploding, reports Earthweek.

The solution? Eat prey. And love, too.

“Vancouver Aquarium biologist Mike McDermid says that the loss of the larger fish means humans should change their seafood diets to include more eco-friendly fish like sardines, mackerel, sablefish and albacore tuna,” notes the Earthweek report on research.

So here are two recipes where you can mix the flavors of two sustainable species:

Tuna and Anchovy Pasta from Use albacore, anchovies, garlic or tarragon, butter, pasta, pesto, mayonnaise.

Seared Tuna with Anchovy-Roasted Vegetables from Food & Wine: Use albacore, anchovies, garlic, red chile, chicken stock, lemon juice, parsley and rosemary, olive oil, Yukon gold potatoes, onions, fennel and pepper.

(Photo of Northern anchovies courtesy of OAR/National Undersea Research Program, US federal government and Wikimedia Commons)

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