Depoe Bay

Albacore is on the menu for Restaurant Beck a at the Whale Cove Inn in Depoe Bay.  “‘Foodie heaven’ might be an apt description for Restaurant Beck — one of the newest upscale additions to Oregon’s coastal dining scene,” writes reviewer Diane Reynolds for the in Oregon.

Selections for a first course include albacore tuna with watercress, orange segments and mustard rémoulade or a seafood sausage.

That mention of seafood sausage got us thinking … could albacore be transformed into a sausage?  Yes, some say it can. Christian Bowers offers an intriguing recipe in the Austin Food Journal – with the title “Tuna Sausage: The Revolution Has Begun!” Albacore and fennel, they should go well together.

Back to Reynolds’ review. She called the night out “flawless.” We want to go! Tonight!

(Photo of Depoe Bay in Oregon, courtesy of Becherka and Wikimedia Commons)

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