Spring is here!

We know spring has arrived when food writers start releasing new recipes featuring tuna and fruit. And here’s a mouth-watering recipe from Lucy Waverman of the Globe and Mail – Tuna tartare with endive watermelon salad.

The ingredients:  tuna, shallots, capers, lemon juice and rind, ed green chili, olive oil, soy sauce, coriander, ground pepper.  And for the salad: Belgian endive, watermelon, watercress, lemon juice, olive oil and Maldon sea salt. And if you’re a salt connoisseur, check out the Maldon salt – which is harvested by hand in a traditional way that produces superior flavor.

“Use the best, freshest tuna you can find,” Waverman advises. You can’t go wrong with St. Jude albacore.

We won’t be finding luscious, ripe, red watermelons in the Pacific Northwest just yet … and that’s why we’re posting a photo of the watermelon flower.  We tried growing watermelon last year and it took a while for pollination. After a long wait, we spotted a melon! But the vine had inched away into our neighbor’s yard. We got so excited, trying to protect it and went to extract it from the fence and back into our territory. And the watermelon snapped away from its vine. But it was fun! Good thing we’re better at catching fish than growing melons.

Photo of watermelon courtesy of Steve Evans in Bangalore, India and Wikimedia Commons. Photo of watermelon flower courtesy of Roberto94 and Wikimedia Commons.

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