Smart seafood

Smart seafood makes for smart consumers. The Smart Seafood Guide is out for 2011 from Food & Water Watch:

“Albacore tuna is found throughout the Atlantic and Pacific oceans off the U.S. coast. It is most frequently seen as canned white tuna. Albacore is not as strongly associated with contamination as bluefin or other types of tuna, but may contain some mercury. Consumers should check for current warnings to determine safe consumption levels of fish, in particular for pregnant women, those who may become pregnant and children. Pacific albacore populations are considered high, and do not appear to be undergoing overfishing. Pacific albacore is mainly caught commercially by troll and pole-and-line gear, which are associated with minimal bottom habitat interactions and bycatch.”

All true – and go with a product whose fishermen test for mercury content.

Food & Water Watch promotes sustainability by fighting to protect the global commons —  shared resources as basic as water — under public control. Privatization of our water resources – whether for drinking or fishing – leads to manufactured demand, shortages and profits for a few.

It’s a great organization and if you’re serious about sustainability and environmental protection, do check them out.  And note they have internships, including working on their fish team!

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