Screaming tuna

Albacore tuna don’t scream, but this is the name of a new restaurant in downtown Milwaukee.

“The restaurant is following two hot culinary trends, molecular cooking and sous-vide cooking. The former uses infusions and science to create exotic new foods,” writes Damien Jaques for The latter heats meat and poultry to precise temperatures throughout the entire portions, resulting in unusual tenderness and the retention of moisture.

Jacues likewise expresses mild surprise about the name, yet calls it chic and upscale.  The menu features sushi chef Siam Saeng and an extensive menu with many tuna selections, including a tuna pizza, seared tuna, tuna crudo, peppercorn tuna, tuna tartare, and lots of sashimi and specialty rolls.

Don’t let the name bother you. Check the thesaurus and discover that “screaming” is a synonym for amusing or entertaining.

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