Market dinner

Ah, famer markets have come alive, and dinners on Sunday night are full of fresh and glorious tastes. We came home with bags of fresh tomatoes. Chopped them into large chunks and heated every so slightly with a tablespoon of olive oil, less than a teaspoon of Malden smoked salt and six basil leaves ripped into shreds.

Then the fresh ravioli: whole wheat pasta dusted with crushed pecans, stuffed with ricotta and St. Jude’s smoked tuna. The dish was so easy, summery, with no recipe or rules. We had to take a photo and share it here.

Of course, our efforts at making pasta pale against those of the Feast Gourmet Market in Deep River, Connecticut.  Any taste of fresh pasta brings back nostalgic memories of that perfect rural market.

There are many tuna ravioli recipes on line for inspiration.  Try Tuna Ravioli with cheese pasta and tuna cream sauce from;  the outragious Fried Tuna Ravioli from James Reeson; and Smoked Tuna Ravioli and other great albacore tuna dishes  from the delightful Sooke Harbour House and its every-changing daily menu that matches the seasons.  And by the way, Sooke Harbour is an idyllic inn for weddings and romance.

Photo from St. Jude tuna.

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