Susan Dopart, a dietician who blogs for Self, made a point of looking into healthy tuna and interviewing F/V St. Jude’s own Captain Joe Malley:

“If you eat a lot of tuna, consider a high omega-3, low mercury tuna like Joe Malley’s St. Jude Tuna,” writes Susan Dopart, a Los Angeles-based nutrition and fitness consultant. Dopart is the author of A Recipe for Life by the Doctor’s Dietitician, with Jeffrey M. Batchleor, and she blogs for the Huffington Post – and she promises a recipe for Tangy Tuna Salad in her next blog. We’ll look forward to that!

Reading Self  is like spending time with an old friend. One of the first jobs for Joyce’s sister – long before Joyce met or married Joe – was working at the New York City magazine at 350 Madison Avenue, when Self first launched in 1978.

The magazine still focuses on fitness, good nutrition and how to be good to yourself.

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