Providence Cicero of the Seattle Times stopped by the Golden Beetle and admitted that she was bewitched. “Everything I tasted had my mouth longing for more,” she writes. “Flavors run strong and deep but not amok…. Yogurt-based tarator sauce, thickened with breadcrumbs and ground hazelnuts, cools the zing of cumin, coriander and pepper coating the edges of seared St. Jude’s albacore. So deft is the seasoning overall that I never made use of the tabletop condiments….”

Providence reminds us that “Before opening Golden Beetle in February Hines ate her way through Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt.” She brought all the enchanting flavors back with her.

The Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest and the flavors are incredible. Food can be magical, and the Golden Beetle and Maria Hines know how to work wonders.

Photo of the Mediterranean coast and a road heading south from the Lebanese border, courtesy of David King and Wikimeda Commons.

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