Heat dome

The media diligently, even breathlessly, reports this year’s extreme weather:

– record droughts in the American South

– record wildfires in the American Southwest

– the Mendenhall glacier flooding in Juneau, Alaska

– record flooding and violent storms striking the Midwest

-record temperatures along the East Coast

– massive famine in East Africa

Watching the media talk seriously about a “heat dome,” dancing around and saying anything to avoid the label climate change or global warming is almost comical.And then we remember that so many industries and lives are at stake.

The climate is changing, and activists like Bill McKibbons struggle against the many deep in denial, arguing that the events are tied to climate change:  “Many in the US stubbornly resist connecting extreme weather events with climate change. News anchors, reporters, government weather officials studiously avoid mentioning climate change, carbon emissions, a melting Arctic, moisture-laden warm air, sustainability or the fact that the US with 5 percent of the world’s population uses 25 percent of its energy.”

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and MarcusObal.

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