Last taste of summer

How quickly it passed, the fresh tastes and warm, long days of summer.

So why not toast the season’s end with a recipe that’s summer in every way: Watermelon tuna ceviche from Terry Boyd and Blue Kitchen.

Ingredients required are the usual culprits for ceviche, except the watermelon, of course: sushi-grade tuna, fresh lime and lemon juice, lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt, cilantrol, zest and charnushka seeds. And if you want to add a twist away from the pink? Try a canary melon!

And be sure to visit Blue Kitchen – for plenty of good food ideas and stories. Boyd writes: “Blue Kitchen is about food. Making it, eating it, thinking about it, talking about it. I’m an omnivore with a magpie eye, always picking up new ideas  from every imaginable source. Blue Kitchen isn’t about precious food, though. I love to cook, but I’m not obsessed with it. You won’t find recipes here that involve arcane, laborious processes or require you to start making something three days before you plan to serve it.

Photo of golden watermelon, courtesy of Hans B and Wikimedia Commons

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