Saving the world

Everyone who collects, handles, sells and prepares food must share the sentiments expressed in an open letter to the chefs of tomorrow, written by nine of the world’s top chefs:

“We dream of a future in which the chef is socially engaged, conscious of and responsible for his or her contribution to a just and sustainable society…. Our work depends on nature’s gifts. As a result we all have a responsibility to know and protect nature.”

The chefs wo signed the letter:  Ferran Adriá, Yukkio Hattori, Massimo Bottura, Michel Bras, René Redzepi, Gastón Acurio, Alex Atala and Dan Barber.

“Finding a great flavour relies on decisions that are directly related to the environment and our surroundings,” said Redzepi, head chef at Noma in Copenhagen, as quoted by Giles Tremlett, writing for the Guardian.

The letter focused on the magical qualities associated with prepared food, the transformation, joy and connections that can transcend what is for too many a routine chore or desperate struggle for survival. Chefs confront a challenge over the next four decades, preparing to feed a planet of 9 billion while also conserving diverse species of plants and animals.

There is no room for waste, inefficiencies or ruined fields, waters and other habitats.

Photo courtesy of EraserGirl.

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