Two great recipes for tuna tartare are in!

The first from Stefan Richter with soy sauce, sweet chile sauce, rice vinegar, siracha, sesame oil, coconut milk and lots of spices.

And second, inspiration from the French Garden Restaurant, in Sebastopol, California, tuna tartare with a seaweed salad, pickled watermelon, lemon creme fraiche, Tobiko Caviar and micro greens.

The French Garden is exquisite: “Dan Smith and Joan Marler opened French Garden in 2006 to feature the year-round harvest from their 30 acre Sebastopol farm and to create a
beautiful environment for people to come together in celebration of community,” the website explains. “The restaurant not only offers the freshest locally produced cuisine, but cultural events as well, such as documentary films, dinner concerts, community fundraisers and other events…. Dedicated to sustainable bio-intensive
farming, the farm hosts many varieties of heirloom fruits and vegetables
not otherwise available.”

It’s everything a modern sustainable restaurant should be.

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