Tuna zing

Albacore tuna is tasty on its own. Hungry and ready for a tuna-fish sandwich, we forget just how much tuna can withstand spice.

Good Morning America offered a Tuna Melt with Flair, including horseradish, cumin and other spices. Vary the spices, try your very own! The recipe is from Michael Tilson of Florida, who notes that canned albacore is great to have on hand during hurricanes, blizzards or the threat of any power outages.

Another spicy dish comes from the Aoi Blue Bar of Columbus:  Sushi – with chunks of tuna tossed with cilantro, pieces of onion and sweet pepper. “The colors are eye-catching, and the flavor is mild but varied,” notes a review in the Columbus Dispatch.

And last, but not least, there is ceviche from Sushisamba in Las Vegas: “This tuna was in all of its raw glory, gussied up with shreds of jalapeno and sliced toasted almonds. The grapefruit juice that contributed the acid was tamer than I’d hoped, its flavor not particularly notable, but maybe that’s for the best because it was quite a successful dish,” writes Heidi Knapp Rinella for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Photo courtesy of US Dept of Agriculture and Wikimedia Commons.

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