A tuna sandwich doesn’t need mayonnaise. Between the Bread offers a mouth-watering example with its Tuna, Fennel and Lemon ‘Wich.

Nancy Einhart describes the sandwich as “magnificently complex and innovative.” She started with a sandwich from the cookbook Wichcraft: Turn a Sandwich into a Meal and a Meal into a Sandwich,  and replaced lemon mayo with lemon confit.

Tuna can hold its own with any number of strong flavors, including lemon and fennel. Both lemon and fennel are marinated in olive oil, salt and lemon – for a burst of fantastic flavor.

Yes, Wichcraft delivers as promised in delivering great new ideas in sandwiches and surprising flavor combinations. Amazon offers some sample recipes from the book. A few reviewers complain about complicated recipes for a sandwich – but you can follow Nancy’s lead and make substitutions.

Photo of fennel and lemons from Wikimedia Commons and Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

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