Mediterranean Tuna Wrap


 (Woman Future Benefit)

   6 oz. can of St. Judes Mediterranean canned tuna,  Whole Wheat pita or tortilla, Kalamatra olives,  Red Onion,  Garlic-herb feta cheese, Mayonnaise , Arugula

Slightly warm your pita or tortilla, then spread a small amount of mayonnaise. Sprinkle a little black pepper onto the mayonnaise, place the tuna on the bread. Now add the sliced onion, the feta cheese, the olives and enough arugula to choice. Roll and eat.

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2 Responses to Mediterranean Tuna Wrap

  1. thank you so much for reposting our recipe. Glad you liked it. Lent is almost here [next week is Ash Wednesday] so we will be posting so much more on tuna and other meatless dishes.

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