A photo of an Atlantic bluefin tuna in the  snack aisle of Whole Foods grabbed our attention. Popghum promises to donate about 5 percent of its profits to the World Wildlife Fund to promote conservation of the bluefin.

Prominent on the package is the message: “When you buy Popghum, you help support Global Conservation Efforts.” Then the bag goes on to explain the pressures on the endangered Atlantic bluefin, which we have detailed on these pages.

The bag also suggests that “Most tuna stocks are already fully exploited, overexploited, or depleted.”

Pacific albacore is among the most stable of fishing stocks, according to the Food and Water Watch Smart Guide. For now. And the albacore fleet is fully aware that these great migrators and their ocean habitats must be regulated and protected.

Popghum has gained a lot of attention with its on-package promotion of environmental causes and being a “good business,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

But remember, you can also protect the bluefin tuna by buying Pacific albacore – or St Jude albacore tuna.

And Popghum probably goes great with a tuna sandwich. We’ll try our Popghum tonight – when we watch TV!

Photo courtesy of Doug Olsen

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