Vertical and local

The city of Linköpin in Sweden is growing up – planning a 17-story vertical farm. As oil prices continue to climb, people conduct their own cost-benefit analysis, and increasingly prefer city life and the ability to walk.

The ability to secure fresh food without big transportation costs will add more benefits to the city side of the equation.

“The greenhouse is a conical glass building that uses an internal ‘transportation helix’ to carry potted vegetables around on conveyors… for maximum sun exposure,” reports Julie Ma for The Daily Good.  The project also promises to use less energy than a traditional greenhouse and decrease carbon dioxide emissions while eliminating the environmental costs of long-distance transportation. “And growing plants in a controlled environment will decrease the amount of water, energy, and pesticides needed.”

The vertical farm will open in 2013. Say hello to urban farming, says Plantagon, the urban agriculture firm based in Sweden.

Design image courtesy of Plantagon.

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