The best!

Customers at farmers markets are already in on the secret – that “sustainably sourced, wild-caught fish isn’t at a high-end seafood restaurant, but a farmers market.” Nevin Martell,  writing for The Washington Post, points out that  Chef Henry Brandon Williams of Fish Scale is angling to change expectations, at the FreshFarm Market by the White House.

Martell describes some of Williams’ fish-sandwich creations – mahi-mahi with pickled kimchi and grouper with lime and harissa – a North African hot chili pepper sauce – and cool tomato-cucumber relish.  Williams will offer a variety of fish, including tuna, as seasons change.  Every fish sandwich is cooked to order – and Williams sells out before the market closes.

FreshFarm Markets also have a blog – and one entry offers great advice for their markets, some of which can apply to any farmers market.

Washington DC is alive with farmers markets, including one near the USDA headquarters.

Photo courtesy of the White House.

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