We must be honest – the famous 2011 Washington Post contest for Top Tomato recipes gave us inspiration. If you want a light summer meal, a tuna salad sandwich without the bread, then here’s your recipe. And you could use more small, firm tomatoes, slicing them, for a nifty appetizer! The 2012 contest closed on July 24. Keep your fingers crossed for us -we submitted some recipes!

St Jude Stacks

4 ripe, yet firm large tomatoes

1 can smoked St Jude tuna

16 to 20 pieces of argula

1 T mayonnaise

Parsley or thyme, chopped

Mash tuna and mayonnaise until smooth with fork, chill. Slice tomatoes into even slices, 1/4 or 1/3 inch thick. Arrange tuna between slices, along with slices of argula. Sprinkle with spice. Serve immediately.

Photo courtesy of James Thresher and the Washington Post Top Tomato Contest.


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