Despite a summer of wild weather, we’re thankful to report that the F/V St Jude is headed into port with a huge load of albacore.

Wild weather is sending global food prices higher reports Extreme Weather, Extreme Prices: The Costs of Feeding a Warming World from Oxfam.

“Food price spikes are a matter of life and death to many people in developing countries, who spend as much as 75 per cent of their income on food,” the report notes. And when food prices rise, consumers everywhere have less money to spend on other items. “The 2011 yearly global average of greenhouse gas emissions was the highest yet. As emissions continue to climb, extreme weather in the US and elsewhere provides a glimpse of our future food system in a warming world.”

The report focuses on staples like corn and wheat. But of course, warming oceans and overfishing and use of wasteful methods are reducing fish stocks, too.

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