Farming intrigue

Okay, the book is not about tuna. But Fear of Beauty is about love of farming, tight families and friends, human rights, the individual empowerment that comes with curiosity about other cultures and the ability to read and write and understand our complex world. It’s about sustainability in how we eat and live and regard families and friends. In short, the novel covers a wide expanse of topics we can all relate to – even though the mystery novel is set in a remote village of landlocked Afghanistan!

Here’s how the cover describes the book: “The battered body of an Afghan boy is found at the base of a cliff outside a remote village in Helmand Province, on the day he was supposed to leave for school. Most villagers blame an accidental fall. Others wonder if the death is not the work of unwanted newcomers—US troops and aid workers at a nearby outpost. Sofi, the boy’s mother, finds a paper not far from the cliff. After a lifetime of wanting to learn how to read, she’s desperate to uncover the truth about her son’s death and whether the paper is connected.”

And do check out Goodreads  – where you can sign up for a free signed copy of Fear of Beauty and many other great new books that are soon to be released. We’ll admit it – we’re hooked on signing up for the free books!

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