Thank you, Upton Sinclair

Indiana is considering legislation that would ban undercover camera investigations of inhumane treatment of farm animals – chicken, beef and pork. What are they trying to hide?

Owners of farms claim that activists are trying to eliminate meat from American diets. But the elimination of basic First Amendment rights around basic food safety and values will only drive people to avoid all farm products from those states.

These legislators would punish the messengers and not the perpetrators of crimes.  ABC News reports nine states are moving to ban such investigations – joining Nebraska, Indiana, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and California.

More than 20 groups, including the ASPCA and the Humane Society, have formed a coalition to oppose the laws banning undercover investigations.  “A statement from the coalition called the ‘ag gag’ bills ‘a wholesale assault on many fundamental values’ and a threat to health, safety and freedom of the press,” reported Cindy Galli and Randy Kreider with ABC News.

“Use of undercover techniques to expose abuses in food processing operations dates back to when Upton Sinclair, author of The Jungle, spent weeks working at meatpacking plants a century ago to research his groundbreaking book,” reports J.D. Heyes for Natural News.
“His extremely graphic details of the industry led the federal government to adopt safety regulations that made food production safer.”

Meanwhile, cameras of all types are welcome aboard the FV St Jude to view our fishing methods and handling processes.

Photo of Upton Sinclair, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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